Cat Tree, End Table, Scratching Post and Mat, Rustic Brown

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Cat Tree, End Table, Scratching Post and Mat, Rustic Brown

Product description

Guess What Your Cat Caught: A mouse? Nah. Fish? Nope. It caught the trend! With this industrial-style cat furniture—steeped in rustic brown combined with black steel—your feline friend is the trendsetter

Your Side Table, Cat’s Wonderland: You snuggle up on the sofa, with remotes and coffee by your side on this table, and your cat? Playing hide-and-seek in the cat cave, or sharpening claws on the scratching post or mat—it has a lot of fun on this cat tree!

Good Night, Sweet Kitty: Set the cat condo by your bed so you can say good night to your little furball and fall in sleep with the soothing purr. The spacious top also offers a landing spot for a lamp, a book, and a glass of water in case the need strikes

Easy Assembly, Happy Kitty: Your excited cat circling around and can’t wait to try its new cat tower? No problem. With a simple structure and clear instructions, it won’t need to wait long!

What You Get: A sturdy cat furniture piece for your feline friend, an end table or nightstand for you, and an eye-pleasing addition to your home

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